Here's what your non-compliance costs you

Every vendor facing retailer non-compliance stands to lose up to $50,000 per month.

With today's solutions, there's no reason to lose money to non-compliance.

Nine out of ten vendors can't handle 36% compliance.

Don't end up like them.

In February 2018, Walmart expects 95% compliance.

Why stop there?
Spedi will get you to 100%.

An all-in-one compliance partner

The hardest part is over: your product is on a shelf. Now you need to retain retailer trust and ensure compliance. With SPEDI's compliance analytics and full EDI functionality, you can do that and so much more.

Communicate with your retailer seamlessly.

Our range of communication formats and dedicated support team ensures you are always connected

Comply with your retailer 100% of the time

Having continuous insight into your orders and shipments means your merchandise always arrives in accordance with retailer requirements

Stop getting slammed with chargebacks from partners

Learn where data discrepancies are coming from, before it ever reaches your partners

Always know the status of your orders and shipments

Our analytics help you meet your deadlines every time

Save money by never paying for kilocharacters again

We’re the only data exchange and EDI solution that doesn’t charge for kilocharacters

Easily understand analytics

Stats designed for people who haven't used analytics before. Everyone can quickly understand your weak areas so your team is always on the same page.

Don't just take our word for it

These global brands have found success with SPEDI

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We have the most integration options available to ensure you’re connected to all your supply chain partners seamlessly. Here’s what each one does.

EDI is our bread and butter integration. We offer all message formats needed to interact with your supply chain partners.


APIs are a messaging format that allows data to be transmitted from one system to another in mere seconds, meaning increased productivity and revenue for your business


REST API allows you to connect your upstream services ensuring seamless integration into your company


AS2 serves as a transporter for EDI data, allowing it to be sent quickly and securely using digital certificates and encryption


SFTP conceals your data while in transit, and then decrypts it upon arrival at the retailer


VAN offers full data backup and recovery, document mapping and compliance

Ready for 100% compliance with your retailers?