An LTL shipping platform for modern businesses. SupplyPike Ship allows you to get quotes, compare rates, book and automatically track shipments.

Instant Freight Quote Comparison Tool

Within the US and Canada


With Ship, you have all the features you need to ship packages quickly and easily

Low Rates

Get access to the lowest shipping rates available from top carriers in a single search

Instant and Free Quotes

You need to ship things quickly, not spend days stuck in an onboarding process. Just fill in your shipping information to get free quotes, instantly.

Shipping Expertise

Extensive logic and clear alerts are built into our product so you can navigate shipping easily. Tutorials, a knowledge base, and live chat are available if you get stuck.

Time Saving Features

Save time and keep your operations moving with built-in features like an item catalog, an address book, and the ability to repeat shipments and save quotes at the click of a button

Track Shipments

Stay on top of your supply chain with automated notifications, data collection & alerts


Choose from our various payment options to book shipments how you want


We’re big believers in integrating blockchain technology, and we’re the only freight marketplace that accepts bitcoin

All Major Credit Cards

If bitcoin’s not your thing, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards

ACH - Coming Soon

Our team is working hard to get additional forms of payment accepted for our customers, namely ACH

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