The integrated transportation solution for 3PLs and Freight Brokers, built with freight expertise and machine learning to automate your routines, deliver on time, and grow your business.
SupplyPike Ship is a multi-modal transportation management solution built for 3PLs that combines freight expertise with machine intelligence to grow your business. Whether it’s automating rates, dispatch, or tracking, let Ship do the heavy lifting so you can get back to what you do best.

Scheduling and tracking freight is time consuming and frustrating

Through robust API connections to carriers, SupplyPike Ship brings together all your shipping documents, tracking updates, and automatic dispatch in real-time. Receive notifications when shipping delays occur so you can stay on top of your supply chain.

Lower your freight costs

With Ship, you get industry leading LTL and Volume LTL rates based on years of large shipping volume. Add your own carriers’ tariffs and compare your rates side by side to pick the most cost-effective rate for every shipment.

Stop paying carriers’ extra fees

Our automatic truck packing algorithm calculates the overall dimensions of every shipment to run against all tariffs so that every fee and charge is accounted for; You can be confident in the rate and the price given to your customer.

Tired of going to multiple carrier websites, spending your time doing routine processes, and paying more than you should? Ship can:

  • Automate rates, dispatch, tracking, and document retrieval with carriers
  • Bring your entire transportation management & visibility into one place
  • Integrate with your operational systems to streamline your business
  • Combine your tariffs with our industry leading rates so you get the best rate no matter what

Your customers expectations are growing, requiring new and more advanced services

Are you ready to streamline your operations, automate your routines, and thrill your customers?

Are you a CPG company?

Learn how SupplyPike Ship can help you lower your freight costs and stop missing delivery windows.​
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