A modern omni-modal TMS

Miranda TMS has clean and elegantly designed user interfaces to manage the full spectrum of transportation needs— Less than truckload, Truckload, Intermodal, Small Packages and Air.

Transportation Companies

InterConnect is a unique feature of Miranda that gives you access to highly competitive LTL rates and services to jump-start your LTL shipments. Focus on growing your business, and not managing rate tables.

Data Science to help make decisions

We use state-of-the-art neural networks and other machine learning algorithms to analyze your shipments. Miranda TMS can intelligently predict delays, detect if you are overpaying, help you map strengths of each carrier so you can make a decision on more than just cost.

How much can Miranda TMS increase savings?

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Friendly Interfaces

Miranda’s interfaces are designed to help you make informed transportation decisions without sacrificing simplicity.

Flexible Risk Management

Find a carrier based on speed of delivery, mode, rates, and safety ratings.


SupplyPike’s collaborative platform enables you to find new customers and manage their interests efficiently.


If you have shipments going into Retailer DCs, Miranda’s Hyperfill feature allows you to schedule appointments with a single click.

Easy Integration

Four industry-leading API allows SupplyPike to integrate with virtually any ERP & Billing service.

Painless Accounting

Automatically track invoices, payments, and receivables on your shipments. Track outstanding balances owed to you. View discrepancies with expected charges and carrier invoices.

The Power of Reporting

Gain access to breakdowns of carrier performance, profits, receivables, and more. Add custom fields anywhere to track data specific to your business.

Track Change Histories

View the change history on every order, customer, and carrier in the system to understand what happened, by whom, and when.

Win More Freight

Designed to maximize your sales with historical data and market information offered at the right time to win freight fast.

Shipment Tracking

Create and track single-stop, multi-stop, single mode, and multi-modal shipments. View drive time and mileage estimations with PC-Miler and Google Maps, and view pickup and delivery locations.

Analyze Charges

Track, analyze, and reduce additional charges that affect your bottom line.

Customer Portal

Give your customers the right in-cart price points, shipment tracking, and service and delivery options to meet their expectations.

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