Discover trusted and vetted supply chain service providers to work with in Marketplace



Marketplace enables CPGs of all sizes to easily discover trusted service providers to help businesses grow



Marketplace profiles give you the communication tools you need to contact the right people at the right companies



Built-in contract management enables CPGs and service providers to seamlessly begin collaboration

Find every supply chain partner you need

Every small, high growth CPG needs to find supply chain partners to help them create, test, package, distribute, warehouse, and ship their product; as well as find partners to help their company understand how their product is selling and how to overcome compliance issues.

There is no current resource or method for small-scale companies to find partners to fulfill these needs because, while you know how to make an amazing product, you may not know how to navigate the sea of options available.

That is, until now. That’s where Marketplace comes in.

View every type of supply chain provider in one place

Once you create your profile, you’ll be able to view our growing catalog of professionals offering their services to companies like yours. Each provider’s profile features their services, pricing, specialties, and contact information.

Find your best fit based on our platform algorithm

Marketplace utilizes algorithms that will suggest to you, based on parameters such as your company size and specifications, which professionals will be the best fit for your business. This feature will help you narrow down which service providers to investigate more.

Communicate and start working with service providers immediately

Once you find someone you want to work with, you can negotiate the parameters of the partnership, and sign a safe and legal contract with the professional right in the platform.

Build out your ideal supply chain

You are now on your way to finding, connecting, and working with all the players in your supply chain - in one, easy-to-use place.

Ready to build your dream supply chain?

We’re in the midst of building the largest supply chain partner discovery center available. Get more visibilty from other companies to partner with, plug in holes in your supply chain, and compare solutions by joining Marketplace.
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