Single Version of Truth

Allows you to build the definitive catalog of all of your products. Manage transportation, warehousing and retailer specific information for all your products in a centralized secure location.

Ensure Compliance

Not only does Catalog help you track and organize all of your SKUs, but it also monitors compliance issues, ensuring your product hits retail shelves without any unexpected snags.

Open Architecture

Open architecture puts you in control of our data. Our well defined APIs allow you to push and pull information. This allows you to export your product information to any 3rd party service.

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Retailer Setup

Getting your product into Walmart, Target, and other big-box retail stores doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. RESET allows you to set up products across retailers—like Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods—with just one click.

Before: Emailing around excel spreadsheets, pdfs and images of your products between your different supply chain partners

A busy catalog system without using Catalog

After: No more emails or spreadsheets. Just specify who needs access to your data, and they are autmatically kept in sync if you add or change info.

How simple your retailer setup can be with using Catalog

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