Supply Chain Leaders Vote on Future Tech


This post originally appeared on SupplyPike President & CEO Dan Sanker’s Linkedin

Recently, a group of supply chain professionals gathered under one roof in Bentonville, Arkansas at a CaseStack conference to discuss some of the immediate changes in retail delivery requirements at ALL retailers.

Mostly, we talked about ‘The Now’. But, leading supply chain professionals know that consumers are driving changes for ALL retailers, and the changes will keep coming.

The 500,000 supply chain professionals who work behind the scenes are the quiet heroes who are enabling the retail future that consumers (us; ‘we the people’) want.

The supply chain will continue to be a wild ride, and future-oriented SCM professionals are eagerly embracing new technology. Technology has caused this disruption, and technology will solve the challenges.

Almost 70% agreed that the biggest thing missing in SCM tech is a common platform that allows retailers and suppliers to collaborate and work together. 

Here’s what else company stakeholders revealed during the conference:

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Dan is the President and CEO of CaseStack and SupplyPike, and the author of Collaborate: The Art of We. You can check out Dan’s Instagram.


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