Let’s Bring Innovation Back to Supply Chain


When you think of supply chain, do you think of an industry brimming with innovation? Most likely…not.

Our SupplyPike team is diligently working to change that.

Let’s start by looking at some numbers. The consumer goods ecosystem is worth about $2 trillion. Not exactly chump change. Over half a million professionals in the supply chain industry manage $200 billion of transactions without the tools to respond to the changing landscape.

Many tech companies are building “faster horses” that merely accelerate and expand obsolete processes without solving actual problems like industry siloing (having numerous partners and no singular place to communicate with all of them).

When we surveyed a large group of 150+ supply chain professionals, 69 percent agreed that the number one thing missing from the industry was a common platform that allows suppliers and retailers to collaborate and work together.

This kind of platform would allow every piece of the supply chain to coexist in one ecosystem, streamlining ALL of your data and analytics, tools, communications, billing, and more.

The SupplyPike team is using technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to inform and build products that are simple, effective and useable by everyone, no matter their level of supply chain experience.

Think of how beneficial it will be for everyone and anyone to gain better visibility in their supply chains and make informed, data-backed business decisions. An informed industry is an empowered industry.

SupplyPike is being built with supply chain professionals and for supply chain professionals. If you’d like to take a peek behind the curtain and be part of that future, enter some information below or drop us a line at hi@supplypike.com.


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