Explaining EDI: Guide to Field Limitations

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Below is your guide to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) field limitations, including character quantity and special characters usage.

Field Limitations: Character limit

  • SKU – 48 character limit
  • SKU description field – 45 character limit
  • SKU length – 8 character limit
  • SKU width – 8 character limit
  • SKU height – 8 character limit
  • SKU weight – 8 character limit
  • Lot code – 12 character limit

Field Limitations: Restricted Characters for SKU or Name/Product Description Fields

  • Do not use the following:  * : ; & , . / ? ! ^ % ~ + “
    • Exceptions: dates and special instructions
  • Do not use apostrophes at the end of a word.
      • If it is in the middle of the word, then it is okay.
  • Decimals are usually okay.
  • Underscore and hyphens are fine.
  • () {} [] are only allowed in text fields (not in dates or math).

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Field Limitations: Special Characters

It is best practice to avoid commas, pipes, asterisks, and back or forward slashes. These are often used in EDI as segment or line terminators and can cause issues with mapping. As we move away from the use of CSV files towards other EDI translation options, the restrictions on data are diminishing but, for now, avoid using the following: * % ? . * \ | /:

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