SupplyPike Analytics provides powerful real-time supply chain intelligence that helps you grow your sales and reduce waste.


See the big picture of your business

SupplyPike Analytics’ technology works through retail and supply chain data to analyze and visualize what matters most to you. Our platform does all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

Easy-to-read dashboards and top-line reports keep your entire team on the same page when it comes to your supply chain. Here’s how it all comes together.


Data is collected and housed across your entire supply chain - from manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation, to 3PLs, retailers, and point of sales


Dashboards and recurring reports visualize data into contextualized formats. Identify trends and discover insights to improve processes in your supply chain.


Data is mined to equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions


Set sales and performance goals and measure progress in real time. Get actionable insights across your entire supply chain to grow revenue and reduce waste.


Focus on what matters

Supply chains have hundreds of moving pieces. Understand what matters with SupplyPike Analytics.

Sign up for a demo where we’ll walk you through the features and benefits that will most impact your business’s top-line goals and unique needs.

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