SupplyPike Analytics provides powerful real-time supply chain intelligence that helps you grow your sales and reduce waste.


Software Features

With SupplyPike Analytics, you have the features you need to get profitable insights to grow your business. An all-in-one retail intelligence solution.

Machine Learning

Fix issues before they arise with algorithms that accurately predict what’s going to happen in the future

Flexible Dashboards

Organize the metrics you care about into custom layouts or use already trusted, off-the-shelf dashboards

Logistics Reports

Gain insights to maximize efficiency across your manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse costs

Sales Reports

Evaluate opportunities to increase revenue based on key metrics across sales, forecasts, and supplier scorecards

Snapshot Emails

Receive a summarized view of how your business is performing and how it’s doing compared to your set goals


Stay on top of your supply chain with automated notifications, data collection & alerts

Cloud Storage

Get access to your data and insights from anywhere on any device - 24/7 and in real-time


Seamlessly integrate with your supply chain partners to have all your data available to analyze in one place

Replenishment Reports

Prevent out of stocks and phantom inventory through our on-shelf availability tools and inventory maps


Enterprise-level features matched with industry experts that help you fully understand your data

Dedicated Analytics Managers

Understand your data at every point with the help of our Analytics Managers. They will create strategic execution plans to solve your company’s specific supply chain problems, so you can make informed decisions faster.

Specialized Retailer Solutions

Utilize our proprietary forecasting tools and weather maps to gain visibility into the effects of natural disasters or promotions on your sales in any retailer

Custom Engineered Dashboards

Need a custom solution? Our team of supply chain experts and data scientists work with you to engineer dashboards that explain how your sales are affected by store and region.

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