Configurable Dashboards

Configurable dashboard that lets you monitor your KPIs however you want. Intuitive Drag and drop interface allows you to orgnaize the metrics you care about into custom layouts.

Data Security

All your Supply Chain data is aggregated and analyzed in a single spot. We adopt industry standard policies and encryption to ensure the security of your data.

Prescriptive Analytics

Our bottom-up forecasting and machine learning algorithms can help you predict whats going happen in the future. Fix issues before they arrive.

Professional Consulting

Every vendor's needs are different. Our team of industry experts will work with you to come up with a strategic execution plan to solve the most challenging of supply chain problems.

Collaborate and Grow

Easily share your dashboards. Enterprise-level security features allow you to set different levels of access permissions so you can keep a close eye on who can do what and view which information.

Weekly Status Emails

Our weekly Monday morning emails give you a summarized view of how your business is performing. Quickly spot trends and potential issues.

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Fully in the Cloud

Real-time, cloud-based, 24/7 access to data, offering you a bird’s eye view of your company’s performance from anywhere on any device.

Monday Morning Snapshot

Set up a weekly summary of your business performance delivered straight to your inbox. These ensure you never get taken off guard or get off track.

Explore & Export

Explore raw data behind any metric and drill down the individual data points. You have the freedom to export all your data to MS Excel at any time.

Identify Opportunities

Leverage Analytics' proprietary Alerts and Opportunities algorithm, which identify areas in your supply chain where you can reduce costs and maximize revenue.

Customizable Alerts

Create custom alerts for any data point in your supply chain, so Analytics can immediately notify you about things like stock-outs, compliance issues, etc.

Holistic View

Analytics can stitch together retailer inventory, warehousing, and transportation data. This allows you to get a top-down view of your supply chain and easily identify where you’re short on product and where you’ve got too much.


Analytics allows you to create growth goals based on KPIs such as sales numbers, inventory levels, and logistics costs, then continuously track your progress towards these goals.

Set Goals, measure growth

Supply and Demand prediction is critical for growth stage CPGs. SupplyPike's Prophecy forecasting tool removes the guesswork.

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